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The Rönnbäcken Nickel Project is expected to carry low risk of acid mine drainage from tailings due to favourable ore and rock properties. The very low sulphide content means there is very low potential for acid mine drainage and acid rock drainage.  The content of acid buffering calcite in ore and tailings is in great excess of that required for neutralisation of all potentially generated sulphide induced acid.  In addition to nickel, cobalt can be extracted as a valuable co-product.  The ore also contains ferro and chromium minerals which potentially might be extracted as by-products.


In addition to the exploitation concessions, an environmental permit is also needed in order for a mine to begin operation.  An environmental permit application is planned to be filed by year 2015. Within the application, there are a number of mandatory environmental considerations which need to be addressed, including community and stake holder dialogue.


The company considers open dialogue with local stakeholders important and has initiated a process of consultations and information forums from an early stage, to discuss plans for potential mining activity in the area.


In August 2012, Nickel Mountain opened of a new office in Tärnaby in Northern Sweden near the Project. It is run by local staff whose focus is to provide information about the project and to engage in direct dialogue with the inhabitants in the region.  The opening of this office is a recognition of the significant role the Rönnbäcken Nickel Project is expected to play in the local community as a future major employer and user/procurer of goods and services in the area.

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