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Permitting process

Overview of permitting process to start mining operations in Sweden


Exploration Licences

According to the minerals legislation in Sweden, exploration licences are issued by the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden (in Swedish: Bergsstaten), entailing a holder a preferential right to an exploitation concession at a later stage. It secures the holder access to land for exploration work that does not damage the environment or the land use.


Exploitation Concessions

The minerals and environmental legislations require an operator to hold a concession to exploit a property for concession minerals. The issuer of the exploitation concession is the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden. An exploitation concession is granted if there is a probability for an economic exploitation of the deposit and if the site is considered appropriate from an environmental point of view. The latter requirement calls for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be included in the application, and if relevant also an assessment on the impact on reindeer herding. An exploitation concession normally secures the holder the right to carry out mineral exploitation for a 25 year period. A decision by the Mining Inspectorate for a license to exploit may be appealed to the Government.


Environmental Permits

After being granted an exploitation concession, the Company may decide to apply to the Environmental Court (in Swedish: Miljödomstolen) for an environmental permit under the Swedish Environmental Code (in Swedish: Miljöbalken). The permit will define the conditions for the design, building, operation and closure of a mining installation. Such an application shall be supported by a comprehensive EIA, in which formal consultations with stakeholders will be practiced. Decisions by the Environmental Court may be appealed to the Supreme Court. In addition to the above mentioned permits the intended operator needs a decision regarding designation of land, which is handled by the Mining Inspectorate. A building permit is also needed under the Planning and Building Act. The permit is issued by the local authority.


Please visit The Mining Inspectorate of Sweden for additional information or view the documents below.


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