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Environmental policy

Sustainable development is important to maintain a healthy population and economy. A majority of the population in Africa is self-supporting, and directly dependent on the vegetation and water in the immediate environment. They are therefore particularly sensitive to changes in the environment.


NMG has a strict environmental policy and requires that the environmental impact of our operations is carefully examined. If sufficient environmental legislation is missing in the countries in which we are active, NMG follows the Swedish environmental jurisdiction. NMG is committed to full transparency. Our activities are carried out in close contact with the local authorities who have complete access to the company’s methods.


The attitude towards environmental issues has changed significantly among authorities, companies and investors. Many of the world’s largest asset management funds follow the UN regulations for ethical investments (PRI) concerning human right issues, health and work environment and social responsibilities. Environmental issues are high on the mining companies’ agenda as well.


The main environmental impact from NMG’s activities is usage of land, energy consumption and waste handling. IGE’s environmental policy states that our activity shall have the least possible negative impact on the environment. NMG will strive to use energy, land and material in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.



Regulations and ethical guidelines


NMG follows SveMin’s ethical guidelines for exploration work, which requires that the operator, in all possible ways, investigates if the area is protected and if so, obtains a permit for the work.


All drilling contractors working for NMG comply with SveMin’s checklist for environmentally safe machinery and work place. The checklist includes daily inspections to ensure that there are no leaks, or possibilities for leaks, in oil and chemicals containers, and that a sufficient quantity of oil-absorbing material is available.


An exploration permit usually requires that the exploration work is carried out in order to minimize damage to nature, plant and animal life. Along with the exploration permit, a specification is also issued for how vehicles, drill rigs and other equipment are to be transported within, to and from the work area.


This means: that the entrepreneur has to use approved hydraulic oils; that rinse water must be removed from previous drill holes or waterways; and that the drilling sludge is collected and deposited in solid moraine. NMG refrains from using track vehicles in wetlands and outcropping rock and during the mating seasons. Drill sites are continuously cleaned to keep the environmental impact low/to a minimum.

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